PiGS on Windows

Some AVS Forum users have figured out how to make PiGS run on Windows. Even better, they figured out how to make a packaged zip installer. Any questions about making PiGS work on Windows will need to be directed at the PiGS AVS Forum (check out Post 554) but below is a short Video of a Windows 7 install and DVR+ setup. The next Post About Static IP’s has a video that shows how to keep the IP of your DVR and PC from changing. If you have questions email me at dvrpigs@gmail.com

PiGS V1.39 Windows Zip Installer (Jan 4, 2023, 12,206,073 bytes) Note in the Video it says click pigs.cmd to start, but now it’s just pigs.exe.

Most people are successful just following the video below, but here are Detailed Windows Install Instructions

NEWS FLASH! SD is making a back-end change to there JSON server on May 19, 2022. PiGS 1.23 and before will probably stop working. Please update to the most current version of PiGS!

PiGS V1.38 Windows Zip Installer (May 14, 2022, 12,202,802 bytes)

PiGS V1.23 Windows Zip Installer (Jan 7, 2021)

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