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Download Version 1.23 07-Jan-2021 (127,141 bytes). V1.23 fixes a few minor search bugs and makes PiGS more robust with better error checking/handling when accessing SD and CM and handles DNS failures better. Now, when a build failure occurs, PiGS will retry the build every 20 minutes until it succeeds. Also the PiGS DNS server is suspended during the build and is re-enabled after the build succeeds. Disabling DNS ensures that the DVR doesn’t give up today’s update if somehow PiGS does not have a schedule. The UI was updated to include links to the new commands from 1.21 and I created a user-friendly search UI. Full Release Notes are available here.

You can start with the first tab [Start Here] of this Shared Google sheet and then follow the instructions on the [PiSetup V1.1+] Tab.

PiGS 1.23 UI
Search Page

There are two threads on that discuss the DVR+ where you can ask questions from others that have installed PiGS and already have it working. PiGS: The CM-7500 DVR+ EP Guide Server Replacement and Channel Master DVR+ Owners Thread

Download Version 1.21 17-Nov-2020 (120,332 bytes). V1.21 fixes the local time conversion issue (noticed after DST ended), did a little work in the DNS server, adds the now dead to the list of CM urls to ignore, improved error handling (exceptions with better logging), and improves the /pigstatus command.
Added /showlineup for troubleshooting that provides details of each configured channel – Ch, RfCh, Callsign, SD-ID, IconLink, etc.

Added a program Search command
will find ‘New’ programs with ‘blue’ in the Title (e.g. Blue Bloods). I used this feature right from my phone browser the other day when I came upon an in-progress Sara’s Weeknight Meals – she was making some Thanksgiving dish that looked interesting. Since PBS repeats shows, I wanted to see when that episode might be on next. I ran the search /search?title=sara’s and it came up with 10 results, including episodes that ran yesterday (the PiGS schedule might go back 1-2 days), which allowed me to find it quickly.
Here is a list of all the search parameters available:

  • title= # string to find in Title (case insensitive)
  • copy= # string to find in description Copy (case insensitive)
  • channel= # display listings for specific channel 3.1
  • startdate= # Zulu starting time format must be exact 2020-10-31T00:00:00Z
  • duration= # Max minutes to search forward. Math works eg 2*24*60 = 2 days
  • zulu=true # default output in Zulu time as received, false = local time
  • expand=false # true = show full description copy. Default false, about 100 chars
  • limit=100 # limit to N results. Default 100. 0 means all
  • pid=false # Display the SD ProgramID in description
  • new=false

You only use the search keys needed, each separated by ‘&’.
This is an AND search. All conditions specified must be true to be a match. Copy can be used to find episode names or number, actor names, etc. For Title & Copy search, its a sub-string match, not a word-match
so “nypd” finds nypd blue, but “Nypd blue” (with 2 spaces) does not.

Download Version 1.12 05-Oct-2020 (110,697 bytes). V1.12 includes a built-in DNS server simplifying installs. If you are already on a Pi using dnsmasq, you can continue using that (upgrades default to DNS off). Windows users, you can stop using the external DNS program and check the [x] Enable PiGS DNS.

  • PiGS now has a built-in DNS server so dnsmasq or window technitium not needed
  • Added links and cleaned up the UI
  • A bunch of other little things. See ReleaseNotes.txt for details
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in V1.11

PiGS: The CM-7500 DVR+ EP Guide Server Replacement


Channel Master DVR+ Owners Thread

Prior Version Releases
PiGS Version 1.0 was released on August 17, 2020 after a few months of Beta testing with more than 10 users.

Version 1.0 August 14, 2020 100,680 bytes.