PiGS Server Static IPs

About Static IP’s

Normally on your home network, your Router automatically hands out IP addresses to your various devices like your phone, desktop computers, laptops, Roku boxes, printers, etc. As the devices come and go (get powered on/off, your phone leaves the house, then returns), the IP each device receives might be different. This automatic IP process is called DHCP, where the ‘D’ stands for Dynanic (or changing).

The computer or device that is running PiGS needs to have an IP address that does not change so that your DVR(s) can find PiGS at a known (unchanging) address. Imagine if you told a friend who is visiting from out of town, your home address is 134 IP Street, but when when they turned on to your street your address had changed to 251 IP Street and 134 IP Street was assigned to another house? They’d end up at the wrong house!

There are a number of methods to keep the IP addresses from some or all of your devices on your Network from changing, but it does involve understanding a little about how your Router is configured so that each IP is only used for one device (e.g. what if 2 houses on IP Street both had the same house number?, again your friend would be quite confused!). Here are some of the methods:

  • #1Let the Router provide the IP’s , then reserve it (Fixed IP)
  • #2 You decide the IP’s and ensure the Router doesn’t use it (static)
  • #3 Do some Router Domain name magic and use hostnames
  • #4 Skip the whole fixed IP thing and hope it works!

So first method #1. If you router supports IP address reservations, this may be the easiest method because you don’t have to figure out what addresses you are allowed to use as static IP’s. You can check your router settings in the LAN or DHCP area for a way to reserve addresses, or google ‘your-router-model-number reserve IP address’. The video below shows how I reserved my PC and DVR IP address by just clicking a box.

PiGS Server

Indroducing PiGS!

Visit the Download Page to get the most recent the PiGS source files or the Windows Portable version.

PiGS is a software project for the CM-7500 DVR+ developed to replace the aging and inaccurate Channel Master Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with guide data from Schedules Direct. Channel Master posted that their guide will not be supported after January 1, 2022. PiGS is actually a custom mini-webserver, designed to provide schedule data to your DVR+.

The development history can be found on the AVS-Forum on the PiGS: The DVR+ EPG Replacement thread and the CM DVR+ Owners thread.

Some of the Features of PiGS:

  • Uses data from a 3rd Party data provider, Schedules Direct.
  • Supports multiple channel lineups for dual or triple market users
  • Works with older DVR+ firmware versions (1.34R tested, works)
  • Grabs the pretty CM/Rovi Channel Icons for display on DVR+
  • Uses Schedules Direct ‘Themed’ channel icons
  • Also supports custom channel Icons you create
  • Supports the ‘New’ program flag for recording new programs
  • Adds (New) to the beginning of shows when they are ‘New’
  • Provides an enhanced guide with Episode, Season, Cast info, e.g.:

(New)”Raging Bulls.” S6, E8. Aired: 1998-12-15. Tension between Sipowicz and Fancy explodes after a white patrolman shoots a black undercover officer. Cast List: Dennis Franz, Rick Schroder, James McDaniel, Nicholas Turturro, Gordon Clapp, Kim Delaney, Andrea Thompson, Sharon Lawrence, Kevin Dillon, Lola Glaudini, Scott Allan Campbell, Christopher Stanley, Sterling Macer, Scott Klace, James McBride, Joe Sabatino, David-Jean Thomas, Leontine Guilliard, Kingston DuCoeur.

You do need a computer of some type to run the PiGS server software. PiGS can run on multiple platforms, but the most straight forward method, which is recommended by the developer, is to use an inexpensive Raspberry Pi mini-computer, ~$45. The Pi is a very small separate low power computer, always on, and you don’t need to worry about it. But, there are numerous other ways to run PiGS, some of them free. Others are posting their novel solutions on the AVS forum. The Pi is where PiGS got its name: PiGS = Pi Guide Server!

Setting up PiGS will take some effort on your part, as PiGS is not a commercial product – PiGS is Free software, but if PiGS is useful to you, you can make a Paypal donation to the developer or do something like an Amazon Gift card to . The setup & installation will be improved over time, and you can get help on the AVS forum.